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We provide full scope of Internet of Things services and products. Custom electronic devices and infrastructure, starting from consultancy, market & competition research thru BoM estimation, PCB design, rapid prototyping, embedded systems, firmware development, Edge AI, connectivity and finally integration with IoT Cloud. We support multiple companies and industries all around the world since 2017 on their way to digital transformation and industry 4.0.

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IoT Research & Development (R&D) services

Let us research, invent and develop IoT for you. We specialize in R&D services, focusing on wireless communication, telemetry systems and sensors. Our offer includes rapid prototyping and hardware design with PCB circuit design and firmware development covering microcontrollers, embedded systems and system on module (STM, ST32, Nordic Semiconductor, Espressif, ESP32, Yocto, Raspberry Pi). RapidLab is an Approved Raspberry Pi Design Partner and member of a Bluetooth Alliance.

Nowadays it is not just about the hardware, so we put a lot of effort to deliver full scope of services including Edge AI development (Google Coral, NVidia Jetson) and IoT Cloud connectivity (Microsoft Azure, AWS).

Raco Edge AI

This is the right time to involve the power of Edge AI in your business. This is where AI acts quickly and offline. According to the Gartner report: “By 2027, machine learning in the form of deep learning will be included in over 65 percent of edge use cases, up from less than 10 percent in 2021”. Our Raco Edge AI Gateway opens the door for multiple Edge AI use cases including image and video processing, vision systems, quality control, predictive maintenance, face recognition, objects recognition. Raco is able to perform those tasks offline, although it is also a fully functional IoT Gateway enabling your IoT sensors and devices to communicate with external world. Raco is based on a Google Coral and Raspberry Pi Compute Module. RapidLab is an Approved Raspberry Pi Design Partner.

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