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Our Services

Delivering smart devices

PCB Design

We innovate and design advanced, reliable circuit boards, ensuring your products are equipped with top-tier PCBs that set the standard in the smart device industry.

Firmware development

Our expertise consists of developing custom firmware for smart devices, tailored to ensure optimal performance and seamless hardware integration.

Hardware design

We provide rapid prototyping and device development, specializing in PCB design and firmware for microcontrollers, embedded systems, and various modules like STM, ST32, and Raspberry Pi.

Cloud Integration

Focused on creating secure and scalable cloud solutions, we enhance device performance and user experience, utilizing IoT and Edge AI for effective device-cloud communication and advanced capabilities like real-time data analysis and remote management.

RapidLab provides a full range of services necessary to build a professional product

How we work: Exploring our proven process

Trusted collaboration between experts and clients in IoT projects yields optimal outcomes for both, enhancing solution value and efficiency



Let`s identify your needs, ideas and goals during interactive workshops



We`ll design the hardware prototype and the APP views



We`ll test the first POC (hardware & mobile/web app) in real enviroment

Analysis of the

Test Results

“Pro/Contra” workshop, a possible adaptation of your prototype

Your preliminary

End Product

Your preliminary end product ready to rock the market!

Empower your project

Unlock the full potential of your technical aspirations!

Contact our experts to explore the possibilities and drive your projects to a new level.

Empower your project

Discover the full potential of technology with experienced engineers.