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People Counter Basic

Time-of-Flight technology

People Counter Basic

Meet RapidLab People Counter

A small device with powerful capabilities. Count people at your facility.

  • 30 m of range in the buildings or 100 m in the open space
  • Bluetooth communication standard
  • Innovative Time-of-Flight technology
  • Narrow entrances and corridors / 80 cm wide

How does it work?

Sensors are counting each customer or employee entering or leaving. And all the information is collected in real-time and send directly to your tablet or gateway. It doesn’t matter if you have one or more doors. The solution is flexible.

Time-of-Flight technology

Sensors count, application reports

Each people counter communicates via Bluetooth Advertising - constantly sending data packets containing information about the number of people counted.
For our solution, we can additionally offer a cloud solution for collectin data, but the customer can also use their own cloud.
Each people counter has its own unique identifier so that a tablet app or Gateway can distinguish them and handle multiple devices as long as they are within its range.

The recipient of the data may be:

  • a tablet supplied by us at no extra cost, equipped with a test application, that we provide at the customer’s request
  • phone/tablet/computer with an application written by the customer, which can collect bluetooth packets sent by the sensors and process them freely
  • bluetooth Gateway – we recommend using Raspberry Pi, of which we are an official partner. If requested, we can provide sample code in Python that collects data packets from the counters we produce to RaspberryPi based devices

Check our more advanced version of People Counter

It is based on thermal vision technology and it can easily solve more complex business scenarios.

A small device with powerful capabilities

Our device gives you unlimited possibilities of integration – with the cloud, databases and other systems. Flexible, easy to integrate with any external system via Bluetooth Advertising and Raspberry Pi or mobile device.

people counter

Use case examples

As part of an additional project, we can design and deliver a solution such as:

activity maps

Advanced traffic
report & analysis

Automatic alerts to prevent disease spread


traffic forecasting


getting customer interest insights

Getting customer
interest insights

alerts & notifications

Alerts &

We count people
in narrow entrances

Check quality of our solution

Entrance dimension (WxH) [cm] Test condition Accuracy [%]
Natural person movement,
through the middle of the door
Diagonal movement 90
Close to the door frame 80

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