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Meet our team

We are team of passionate IoT and Edge AI engineers focusing on prototyping, hardware design, firmware development and IoT cloud integration. We deliver everything which can’t be simply purchased of the shelf.

Dawid Milcarek - hardware engineer - Rapidlab


Dawid Milcarek

When not driving his motorbike, he solders. Everything. Let it be his bike’s brake system.

Marcin Ostrowski - Edge AI - Rapidlab


Marcin Ostrowski

It’s hard to imagine, but we have people who run powerful AI on tiny devices. That’s actually what he does.

Marcin Sypniewski - Python programmer - Rapidlab


Marcin Sypniewski

When not playing the guitar, he writes the code which brings life to our IoT devices.

Michał Błaszak - hardware engineer - Rapidlab


Michał Błaszak

Design is his second name when it comes to PCB or 3D printouts.

Joanna Wojciechowska - marketing specialist - Rapidlab


Joanna Wojciechowska

If you read this, it means you’ve clicked a link that she prepared. This girl makes us famous.

Oleh Shvets - PM - Rapidlab


Oleh Shvets

He makes sure the projects we do are being delivered. On-time. With care.

Paweł Drzycimski - IoT Architect - Rapidlab


Paweł Drzycimski

Need to connect IoT with the cloud? With other IoT? With your microwave? He does it. On daily basis.

Pawel Skiba - IoT Solutions Architect


Paweł Skiba

Usually wins the competition for the most inappropriate t-shirt. Also, he picks up phones and draws fancy charts on the whiteboards.

Piotr Nawrocki - hardware engineer - Rapidlab


Piotr Nawrocki

Works on all those machines which most of us can’t even name. There are no PCBs he can’t produce or fix.


RapidLab has become Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

We are part of Apollogic group

We started as a group of proactive people by establishing the R&D department in Apollogic. With time passing our portfolio has grown and many customers have trusted us. The initiative has officially evolved into the RapidLab brand.

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    Who will contact you?

    Paweł Skiba

    Paweł Skiba

    IoT Solution Architect