Edge AI face detection

and recognition system

Face detection and recognition algorithms as well as attendance systems are known since many years and companies as well as open source contributors are using them on daily basis. It is more than enough to say that nowadays almost each mobile phone can be unlocked using face of its owner. However, still there are business use cases not covered by widely available solutions.

Our solution

Edge AI computing

It runs on our Raco Edge AI Gateway which means all operations are done on the device without necessity of any cloud processing. Raco is equipped with a built-in camera, but can be enhanced by any other model connected via CSI or USB ports.

Let’s imagine a long queue of employees waiting to enter the factory. How does it look like when several hundred of people have to enter and identify themselves in a system every day? Are you going to equip them all with an RFID card? How much would it cost? And what if the card is lost and there are still hundreds of people starting their shift in next minutes? In such scale the process of identifying the employees and logging their attendance in the system must be really quick and efficient.

Benefits of the solution


Fast and reliable

Authentication and recognition takes milliseconds and can recognize a person wearing glasses, a hat or changed hairstyle.


Fully scalable

Adding new people is fast and requires only to take a few photos and upload them to the database.


GDPR compliant

No need to store sensitive data, the system can operate on the device and identification can be anonymous.


Easy to integrate

Integration with external systems is possible using API and network connection thru Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE.

Facial recognition on the Edge means no delays
from cloud processing or large file transmission!

How does it work?

Want to see it in action? Check out the movie and contact our sales to request PoC.

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