Hardware design

Hardware design

Let us research, invent and develop IoT electronics for you. We specialize in R&D services, focusing on wireless communication, telemetry systems and sensors. Our offer includes rapid prototyping and hardware design with PCB circuit design and firmware development covering microcontrollers, embedded systems and system on module (STM, ST32, Nordic Semiconductor, Espressif, ESP32, Yocto, Raspberry Pi). RapidLab is an Approved Raspberry Pi Design Partner and member of a Bluetooth Alliance.

Nowadays, it is not just about the hardware, so we put a lot of effort into delivering the full scope of services, including Edge AI development (Google Coral, NVidia Jetson) and IoT Cloud integration (Microsoft Azure, AWS).

Our hardware design offer

Our primary focus is to respond to the business needs of our customers. Therefore we always suggest following the agile approach and iterative process starting from workshops, early research, listening to the customer’s needs, prototyping, testing, certifying, and finally – mass production and manufacturing. Our hardware design offer includes:

  • PCB design, circuit design using Altium Designer
  • Rapid hardware prototyping using Raspberry Pi (Rapidlab is an Approved Raspberry Pi Design Partner), ST and ESP developer boards
  • Wireless connectivity technologies research and recommendation (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-CatM, ZigBee, 5G)
  • Microcontrollers/system on module selection and recommendation (ST, STM32, ESP, ESP32, Nordic semiconductors)
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module implementation in custom hardware design
  • Edge AI modules (NVidia Jetson, Google Coral) usage in custom Edge AI solutions
  • Custom enclosure design and 3D printing, as well as off-the-shelf enclosures selection
  • Market research & components selection considering difficulties in semiconductors availability
  • Bill of Material (BoM) preparation
  • Mass production planning and coordination
  • EMC and RED testing, including a selection of proper norms
  • Support with CE/FCC marking process

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Firmware development

Even the strongest hardware does not bring any business benefits without suitable firmware. This is why at RapidLab our hardware designers work closely with our firmware developers since the early beginning of each project. Therefore, there is no need to look for another firmware supplier on the market. Ordering full scope service from one partner is the best option as we coordinate the whole process to deliver high-quality prototypes and products worldwide. Our firmware development offer includes:

  • Microcontrollers programming (C, C++, MicroPython)
  • System on module development (C++, Python)
  • Embedded systems design (Linux, Yocto)
  • Linux programming (Bash, Python)
  • IoT Cloud integration (devices provisioning, certificates, MQTT, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, Mender.io)
  • Edge AI models preparation and training (TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, PyTorch)
  • Ready to use Edge AI use cases (objects detection & classification, tracking, optical character recognition (OCR))
  • Battery usage optimization algorithms
  • EMC / RED test firmware development

IoT cloud development & integration

By full scope, we really do mean FULL SCOPE! IoT hardware enriched with the firmware usually collects some kind of data: telemetric measurements of temperature, pressure, humidity or something more sophisticated like vibrations, ultrasounds or air composition. Some of this data can be processed by the Edge AI in offline mode, but still most of the situations require further data processing. Here comes the cloud! The power of Internet of Things is that raw or structured data from each device can be sent to the cloud. It is why RapidLab provides its customers with a full scope of IoT cloud services, including:

  • Iot cloud integration (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, Mender.io)
  • Devices provisioning (certificates, private/public keys)
  • Remote devices management
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Cloud data processing
  • Dashboards, reports, push notifications

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