Process Automation: Unleashing productivity with IoT

In today’s era, where technology is advancing exponentially, the potential to revolutionize everyday processes is at hand.

Joanna Wojciechowska

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4th September 2023

In today’s era, where technology is advancing exponentially, the potential to revolutionize everyday processes is at hand. This transformation is particularly evident in the world of process automation, where the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) is radically changing how we do business. For instance, many businesses have transitioned from manual warehouse tracking to real-time product monitoring with IoT technology, significantly enhancing their inventory management capabilities.

RapidLab is actively participating in this revolution. Here’s how they are transforming the world of process automation and why it should matter to anyone involved in new technologies, IoT projects, and hardware.

The problem with repetition

Regardless of size or industry, every organization grapples with repetitive and boring activities. These tasks are often necessary for compliance with federal regulations and the day-to-day functioning of a company. In the US alone, annual expenses for complying with federal regulations are estimated at a staggering $192 billion.

The manual repetition not only saps employee productivity but also significantly allocates time and resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

In terms of adhering to federal regulations, IoT systems can automatically monitor and report any discrepancies in real-time, thereby cutting down the time spent on manual checks and significantly reducing the risk of errors.

The smart solution: IoT-based automation

RapidLab harnesses the power of IoT devices to automate such repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex and engaging activities. This shift goes beyond mere convenience; it translates into direct, tangible benefits.

The possibilities are endless, from optimizing lighting and air conditioning in the office to specialized maintenance tasks such as maintaining an aircraft engine. Here are some exciting examples:

Remote fluid control

Monitor and manage fluid levels in multiple containers from anywhere. This enables businesses to oversee and manage fluid levels in various containers from remote locations. By implementing sensors, data can be sent back in real-time, making adjustments instantly if needed, preventing overflows, or ensuring timely refills.

Hive monitoring

Remote tracking of hives and their condition. Hive monitoring not only allows for tracking bee activity but also gives insights into the hive’s temperature, humidity, and overall health. These metrics are critical as they can help beekeepers intervene promptly to address potential issues, ensuring a healthy bee population and optimizing honey production.

Soil moisture control

Make sure moisture levels meet the required standards. Using IoT sensors placed within the soil, farmers, and agriculturalists can accurately measure moisture levels. If the soil becomes too dry or overly saturated, automated systems can trigger irrigation or drainage, ensuring optimal plant growth and health.

Water flow management

Get control over water flow in the pipes. This application involves embedding sensors within pipes to monitor the water flow. Not only does this allow for the detection of irregularities or potential leaks, but it also ensures that water is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout a given system, be it in agricultural or urban settings.

Animal monitoring

Prevent animals from dangerous wandering. With IoT technology, livestock animals can be equipped with tracking devices. This helps farmers keep tabs on their location and movement patterns. If an animal wanders into a potentially dangerous area, alerts can be sent out immediately, ensuring the safety of the herd and reducing the risk of loss

Explore RapidLab's products

RapidLab offers a comprehensive path to automation:


A tailored session to identify potential savings for your business.


A detailed approach to automation with customized hardware for your needs – presented within 1-2 weeks.


Create ready-to-use prototypes for actual testing in 9-12 weeks.


Test the solution to put the hardware into action.

Benefits of automation

The benefits of integrating automated systems are enormous:

  • Cost reduction:
    Simplification of processes leads to significant savings. Implementing automation significantly reduces the need for manual interventions, leading to savings in labor costs. Moreover, automated systems often result in more efficient use of resources, reducing waste. Over time, these efficiencies can lead to substantial financial savings. As mentioned, businesses integrating IoT for process management can see a potential reduction in operational costs by up to 30%
  • Complete reliability
    Automated systems offer greater control and consistency of quality. Automated systems are designed to operate consistently and accurately. Unlike human workers, machines are not susceptible to fatigue, distractions, or emotions. This ensures that tasks are performed reliably and to the same standard every time, leading to more predictable and consistent outcomes
  • Increased productivity
    Leverage machines and unleash the potential of employees. By automating routine tasks, employees are free to focus on more complex, value-added activities. This not only maximizes their potential but also increases the overall output of the organization. The reduction of routine tasks by automation can boost employee productivity by up to 45%
  • Improved efficiency
    Improve performance and productivity to exceed the market. Efficiency speaks to the ability of a process to produce maximum output with minimum waste. Automated systems, being precise and consistent, can optimize operations to run smoother and faster, reducing downtime and maximizing throughput
  • 24/7 availability
    Machines can operate around the clock. Unlike human employees who need breaks, leaves, and have set working hours, automated systems can operate continuously. This round-the-clock operation ensures that businesses can maintain productivity levels, even outside of traditional working hours, catering to global markets and time zones.
  • Reduction of manual errors
    Minimize fatigue-related errors and increase production safety. Human error, often resulting from fatigue, distractions, or lack of knowledge, can lead to costly mistakes. Automated systems, once set up correctly, minimize these errors, ensuring that tasks are completed correctly the first time. This not only increases safety in production environments but also reduces costs related to rework and waste

Unleashing the future

In a world where technology continues to redefine the possible, RapidLab’s automation offerings stand as a testament to innovation and foresight. By embracing IoT and its cutting-edge solutions, businesses can position themselves ahead of the curve.
Whether it’s predictive maintenance to stop production line failures or edge AI gateways that make devices intelligent even without an internet connection, RapidLab offers a glimpse into the future of process automation.

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