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PCB design

Bespoke electronics bring savings from day one of usage.
Let us design and produce your own, custom PCB.

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Our services

Do you want to enter the market with a product adapted to your requirements? Our engineers have years of
experience in creating PCBs from scratch. We base each project on the individual needs of our customers.

Project management

We provide an experienced manager with a history of leading other electronics design projects.

PCB design

Our engineers provide assistance in creating a printed circuit board (PCB) from scratch to bring your electronic circuits to life and get to market faster.


Our engineers personally place the components on PCB and do soldering and burning.


We design software dedicated to a specific PCB.
We take all the functions and project needs into account.


EMC and RED testing, including the selection of appropriate standards. We also check the performance of the defined design functionalities.


We create complete documentation for each project, including manuals, schematics, layout, and a 3-D PCB model.

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Ready in 9 weeks or less!

How to order a PCB project?

Send us a request with the general scope of work/project. List the functionalities you care most about and specify in what time frame the project should be implemented.

We will contact you within 48h of receiving your message to discuss the details. We will propose a solution to your problem, select equipment and determine the scope of work together.

You will receive a quote for the project: hardware, developers’ work, workshops, project management, testing, documentation, and electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC).

RapidLab is Raspberry Pi Approved
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partner with Raspberry Pi

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Fully anonymous people counter with temperature measurement.

Edge AI face recognition

Edge AI face recognition

Identifying people to improve safety or monitor employee attendance.

Raco Edge AI Gateway

Raco Edge AI Gateway

Automate quality control or speed up product development.

PCB design process

At this stage, the board’s shape, the components’ locations, and the paths between them (so-called routing) are determined. Logos and descriptions for easy assembly and use are also applied.

PCB designing

The 3D view with components is checked. The layout of all the components, as well as the PCB size matching with the case. All parameters have to fit together.

Design review

The last stage of the design involves applying solder paste to specific places on the PCB. All components are also laid out. The board prepared in this way is put into the oven. After removal, the finished product can be tested.


Interested in exploring the process from concept to final PCB?

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Paweł Skiba

Paweł Skiba

IoT Solution Architect