Autonomous fever detection and people counting system

The idea behind our solution came from the need to increase safety during the Covid outbreak, but also to automate people counting, thus improving security, lowering costs, and reducing human error.

How does it work?

Autonomous fever detection and people counting system

The solution consists of two independent thermal cameras. One camera, placed above the entrance, automatically counts people passing by. The other is placed in front of people’s faces, and measures body temperature.

The system identifies the temperature on three levels:

no fever Low-grade fever

no feverRegular temp

no fever High fever

The system uses thermal vision making sure counting and fever detection are fully anonymous, and no personal data is stored or processed.

The number of people going in or out of a specific door, elevator or stairs together with their body temperature, can be shown on a security monitor or tablet. The solution comes also with a dedicated cloud system that can analyze and store historical data regarding people counted.

Rozwiązanie posiada dedykowany system w chmurze

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The technology behind the solution

People counter thermal vision

The technology behind the solution

People Counter Thermal Vision
  • Jetson Nano/TX2 NX/Xavier NX
  • HDMI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi and Blueooth 5.0 module
  • GSM/LTE modem with external antenna
  • 2 x CSI camera connectors
  • Google Coral AI Accelerator
  • 2 x USB ports
  • micro SD card
  • M.2 PCIe NVMe
  • Power supply 9-16V

RapidLab’s own product called Jetna

jetna RapidLab

The camera mounted over passing people is attached to RapidLab’s own product called Jetna. The heart of the product is a Nvidia Jetson Nano module. It allows counting people offline without the need of an internet connection, as all the information is stored and processed within the Edge AI device. However, the system is also available in SaaS option, where statistics and live camera streams are available via cloud application.

The thermal camera that measures people`s body temperature uses expert methods and so-called fuzzy sets.

Where can you use our fever-detecting
and people-counting system?

fever detecting and people counting system in office


fever detecting and people counting system in public transport

Public transport

fever detecting and people counting system in factory


fever detecting and people counting system in medical facilities

Medical facilities

fever detecting and people counting system in university


fever detecting and people counting system on airports


fever detecting and people counting system in restaurants


fever detecting and people counting system in Shopping malls

Shopping malls


Our solution is currently being developed with the help of European Funds and we offer testing for various companies in buildings and public transportation.

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of our solution

Why do you need this solution?

Real-Time Fever Alert Monitoring increases safety and lowers Covid and other virus-related threats. Automatic footfall count improves the efficiency of keeping track of the number of people passing thru stores, public buildings and transportation.

  • To automatically count people in your building, store, transportation
  • To detect people with fever and avoid disease spreading
  • To increase safety on your premises
  • To gather footfall statistics and plan your business better
  • To comply with GDPR requirements

Benefits for your company

Increased security

Increased security

Better customer service

Better customer service

Real-time footfall statistics

Real-time footfall statistics

Automatic alerts to prevent disease spread

Automatic alerts to prevent disease spread


Better planning based on historical crowd reports


GDPR compliance, thanks to anonymous thermal imaging

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