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By combining your AI idea with our certified, tested hardware, you can accelerate Time-to-Market and gain more time for concept testing.

6th August 2021

Marek Bernolak

Marek Bernolak

Internet of Things Specialist

Raco Edge AI Gateway

Anyone who runs a business knows very well that time is the most valuable currency, especially in the dynamic IT industry and when it comes to project development with limited human resources. Currently, many companies face the increasing requirement for digital solutions while developers are becoming less and less available. In evolving market realities, demand for qualified professionals continues to grow. High-tech and AI companies looking to expand their business and release new products often try to solve this issue by outsourcing specific components to third-party contractors or benefiting from the support of experienced teams offering hardware development assistance.

Raco Edge AI Gateway core benefits

To address these needs, at RapidLab, we decided to make use of our experience in edge computing, in-depth business understanding, and recent cooperation with Raspberry Pi as an Approved Design Partner to offer a commercial-off-the-shelf Edge AI platform based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and Google Coral AI Accelerator. By combining your idea with our certified hardware, you can launch a ready-to-use product faster and gain more time for software development & AI training. A compact device equipped with Sony IMX219 8MP camera, eMMC Flash or micro SD card, GSM/LTE modem with external antenna for WiFi module, and power supply 9-24VDC will help you accelerate product development without having to expand your project team.

Do you want to discuss your idea for using Edge AI?

Face recognition & identifying people

Initially, when we defined the sample business scenarios for Raco Edge AI Gateway we had in mind counting people to increase their safety in public places and commercial facilities, automated quality control and smart parking. We already know that edge computing can be successfully used to streamline manufacturing and enhance workplace safety, but as Raco’s development progressed, we wanted to focus on another feature that applies to many companies regardless of size: facial recognition. Our AI model was designed to recognize more people at the same time based on images already placed in the database, making it easier to identify employees & staff members and improve public security, which is crucial for the financial sector, retail industry and healthcare.

Detecting objects when the camera is moved or covered

To facilitate the daily work of security guards, increase safety in monitored premises and detect theft attempts, we used Computer Vision and Edge AI. How does the solution work? Our Camera Movement Detection System sends an on-screen notification of any effort to move the device, change the camera angle or cover the lens, which gives the security guard enough time to react.

It’s just another example showing the wide range of Edge AI applications. Raco Edge AI Gateway can help you bring many business scenarios to life. In addition, our AI and Software Development teams may assist you with building AI models and developing mobile or desktop app, giving you more time for product validation and concept testing.

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