RapidLab has become Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

The program connects Raspberry Pi-approved consultancies with customers who need support in product development.

18th June 2021

Mateusz Majchrzycki

Mateusz Majchrzycki

Senior IoT Engineer

Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

Raspberry Pi Ltd, recognizing its platform’s growing popularity, has launched the Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner program, providing support to design partners and industrial manufacturers looking to innovate with Raspberry Pi devices.
RapidLab has joined the global community of consulting companies that help enterprises create and develop innovative automation, robotics, and IoT solutions, proving that we have the required expertise to provide technical support for integrating Raspberry Pi devices into customers’ products. With Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners’ help, industrial manufacturers can save resources needed for Proof of Concept and significantly reduce the time between product development and market launch.

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Rapid prototyping

At RapidLab, we combine engineering and development expertise to quickly deliver PoC for IoT solutions and embedded systems. We work with startups, R&D departments and growing companies looking to launch a new product. Our team consists of experienced engineers involved in all aspects of IoT projects – from prototype building, firmware and embedded software development to custom web and mobile application development. We are located in Poland, but our customers come from all over the world – from North America to Europe and Asia. Combining our wireless technology development experience with a deep understanding of modern businesses’ needs, we’ll transform your idea – whether it’s at the concept or prototype stage – into a market-ready solution.

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