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Product Development

Creating user friendly IoT product having in mind business goals is a must in the world of connected technologies.

Our product development offer includes

User & Market Research

User & Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative research is a necessary step to make your product user friendly and engaging. The voice of customer and the behavioral context or product usage are our essentials.

Product definition workshops

Product definition workshops

Using Design Thinking methodologies we visualize your idea and find out the best solution that perfectly combines technical and business requirements in a very short time. That helps quickly build and test the product and veryfiy the value of the solution.

UX design

User Experience Designs

We design each product and service having in mind the end user as well as your business goals and technical requirements. Multidisciplinary approach in designing is our fundamental rule.

Testing and prototyping

Testing & prototyping

Testing a prototype of your product with the potential users we are able to eliminate possible mistakes at the design level. We all know – the sooner, the better.

Product development

Product development

Basing on the prepared prototypes we take the ownership of development of your product to make sure it will be delivered with the highest attention to the quality and details.

Do you have an idea for a IoT product or service?

See our Product development process

product development

See our Product development process


General workflow & feedback loop

Gathering business & technical requirements

Research – qualitative & quantitative methods

Information architecture, user flow & mockups

Building live prototype

Testing prototype with user

Work with software developers & IoT engineers

Implementing changes

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Paweł Skiba

Paweł Skiba

IoT Solution Architect

Our latest products

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Edge AI face recognition

Identifying people to improve safety or monitor employee attendance.

people couter

People Counter

Automatic people counting in facilities and transportation.

Edge AI

Raco Edge AI Gateway

Automating quality control or accelerating product development.