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Rapid prototyping

How about veryfing your idea before going big on the market? Let's build a prototype and test it first!

Rapid Prototyping

The benefits of rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the quick creation of an electronic device to provide cost-effective and fast feedback for your project. Within a few weeks, your business will receive a physical prototype and start benefiting from newly developed smart solutions with the usage of IoT and AI.


Fast idea


Saving money with a small quantity of produced devices

less time

Less time spent on creating new solution

high quality

Higher quality end product



error detecting

Detecting errors
on early stage


Experimenting with
new ideas


Quicker user

Would you like to test your idea?

How does rapid prototyping process look like?


1. Workshops

Let’s meet to discuss your idea for IoT project and prepare a strategy with a detailed timeline.

1-2 days

project idea

2. Project idea

Then we present IoT prototype concept including technologies, elements and features to be implemented.

2-5 days

mockup ux ui

3. First mockups

Next, we demonstrate the first vision of a cloud system or a mobile application based on a proven user experience design along with the hardware.

4-10 days


4. Prototype development

We build the prototype using an Agile approach, which means that you have an impact on the final shape of the solution.

3-5 weeks


5. Tests

We conduct tests and check if the prototype meets your specific needs and works properly.

5-10 days

Ready in 9 weeks or less!

Ready in 9 weeks

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