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Process automation

How much could you save if all kind of repetitive work could be avoided?

Automate repetitive and boring activities


Every day employees are doing hundreds of simple tasks which are repetitive and boring, but necessary for your company to work and to comply with federal regulations. Our recommendation is to automatize such activities with usage of dedicated IoT devices and to let employees work on more important stuff instead.

According to The Manufacturing Institute, annual expenses spend ONLY for complying with federal regulations in US is estimated to 192 bilion US dollars.

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Automatize expensive manual activities

manual activities

There are many places at your workplace or in your production process which could be autmatized and bring direct, measurable benefits. Starting from lighting in the office, thru proper air condition usage as well as scpecific maintenance activities related to airplane engines.

Examples of activities that can be automated

control liquid

Control the level of liquids in multiple containers remotely

check if a distant

Check if a distant beehive is doing well

make sure

Make sure the humidity level does not exceed required standards

control water

Control the water flow within the pipes


Make sure the animals don`t wander off

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How we work


Let our team identify potential cost-savers in your business during workshop


Within 1-2 weeks we’ll present automation approach and saving forecast


After 9-12 weeks we’ll come back to you with ready-to-use prototypes for real-life testing


Test will directly prove the forecast, to make solution alive and working

What does it mean for you?


Cost reduction

Save time and money simplifying to its most basic components.


Full reliability

An automated system works more accutately than an employee, resulting in greater control and quality consistency of the final product.


Productivity increase

Make the most of your existing machinery and discover your employees’ full potential.


Better performance

Outperform your rivals improving efficiency and productivity eliminating bottleneck that slows down the workflow.


24 availability

The machines can work 24/7 without the need to think about the job being performed.


Reducing manual error

Automated systems prevent fatigue and distruction errors increasing that safety of production and its continuity.

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