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Predictive maintenance

Look to the future with artificial intelligence and prevent machine breakdowns before they happen. Don’t wait for the failure.

predictive maintenance

What could cause an unexpected crash?

Just 1 hour of tie-up caused by unexpected fault can quickly lead to:


Delivery delays


Unsatisfied customers


Waste of assets


Unplanned cost

What can we measure?



By using an accelerometer, we measure velocity, acceleration, and displacement.



Temperature changes are recorded with an accuracy of tenths of a degree.



Use it for noncontact measurement of the filling levels of liquids or solids.



To achieve quality and consistency in the products that come off your production line.



To save energy by using artificial light when it’s necessary.



To detect different movement types so you can automate your manufacturing processes.

How can we prevent that?

Constant data gathering

Constant data gathering

Different sensors continuously send information about the measurements made.

mobile design

Instant alerts & notifications

Incoming notifications allow you to react immediately in case of any irregularities.

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning algorithms detect patterns and trends, allowing you to avoid downtime caused by machine breakdowns.

Production optimization

Production optimization

Precise planning of service and repairs will allow you to maximise the potential of your production line.

Prevent machine breakdowns and gain insight into their current state.

Following this approach will reduce operating costs and increase production capacity.

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What does it mean for you?


Increased customer satisfaction

Make the most of your employees’ full potential, and let the machines do simple and repetitive work.


Minimized production waste

Complete control of production planning and no downtime will significantly reduce production waste.


Competivive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by generating savings in new business lines.


Cut of risk-based costs

Accidents and breakdowns are very costly. Avoid these risks by having full knowledge of the condition of your machines and devices.


Increased efficiency

Use the full potential of your production line capacity.


Reduced costs of maintenance and long lasting machinery

Repair and service machines before they break down and extend their expected service life.

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