CCTV movement
and angle view change

detection system

Increase safety at the monitored property and make your security system more effective. Receive an on-screen notification of any attempt to change the camera angle or cover the lens to gain more time for immediate reaction.

How does our system work?

camera displacement

Camera displacement recognition

The system recognizes all kinds of camera movements, displacements and field of view changes, reacting to unusual activities.

Sending an on-screen notification

Sending an on-screen notification

Our system alerts the user when the camera is touched or an unexpectedly large object covers most of its field of view, which gives the security guard enough time to react.

Tested in challenging conditions

Tested in challenging conditions

The system works indoors, outdoors and at night if the camera has a night vision mode, supporting security guards during the night shift.

Seamless connectivity


A single device can be connected to the intranet network using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE and monitor video from multiple IP cameras via common video system protocols.

Easy-to-use solution


At the same time, cameras can be connected directly to the device via CSI or USB ports.

Example business scenarios

Reliable anti-theft system

Most CCTV cameras have a built-in movement detection feature. Such devices can start recording or even send a push notification to a smartphone when unexpected movement has taken place in their field of view, but many cameras can’t recognize their own movement.

Improved building and property security

Our solution supports security guards in more effective monitoring of supervised premises so that no details or suspicious behavior fell beneath their notice. With on-screen notifications, they can prevent attempts to steal valuable belongings.

A high-quality, tested hardware

Camera movement and angle view change detection system runs on Raco Edge AI Gateway Platform – commercial off-the-shelf Edge AI Platform based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and Google Coral – and can be integrated with other systems via API.

How does it work?

Want to see it in action? Check out the movie and contact our sales to request PoC.

CCTV movement 
and angle view change detection system

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