How many times you’ve tried to find a tool that will handle all your business processes?

By combining your AI idea with our certified, tested hardware, you can accelerate Time-to-Market and gain more time for concept testing.

5th August 2021

Paweł Skiba

Paweł Skiba

IoT Solution Architect

HR management

Sales, Marketing, Production, Finanses or Human Resources – all those teams have different workflows. And differend needs. And probably all of them are using different tools at your company.Well… we all know it’s problematic. Each department has it’s own documentation that’s difficult to compare and analyse in a quick and comfortable way.

We are aware that it’s hard to combine

catching and planning

catching and planning different workflow for each team


coordination of daily work on regular basis across various environments

document updates

care about the proper documents update and flow

skills overview

employees onboarding and their skills overview

budget estimation of projects

budget and estimations for numbers of projects and people

Your company has a specific process? We’re building tailored solutions as well!

Meet Apsello

dedicated software tailored and customized to the all needs of your company

apsello software

How it’s possible? We can provide you with a complex tool that can handle each type of your business process, from sales, complaints to recruiting and supplies.

What you get?

Apsello information

Full information about your employees incuding skills, tasks and involvment across different projects

Real-time control

Full control over the number of tasks of each employee combined with project completion level

All-in-one solution

Gather all business processess and employees information in one, comfortable easy to use tool

What does it mean for you?

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work comfort on daily basis

Information about employees, customers, business partners and automated access to as many documents as your people need.

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quick 360° view

Combined with easy quide through the current tasks can save even up to 2 hours a day per employee – now count your employees.

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all-in-one solution for your business

Apsello is flexible and will fit all your needs regardless what kind business processes you have at your company.

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real-time collaboration

Between sales, marketing, prodcution, recruiting and complaints – now it’s possible, no matter how many teams you have.

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Paweł Skiba

Paweł Skiba

IoT Solution Architect