How can IoT make manufacturing facilities safer?

IoT technology helps meet the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Explore the solution for Industry 4.0.

24th February 2021

Marek Bernolak

Marek Bernolak

Internet of Things Specialist

Smart industrial factory

There is no doubt that safety comes first, but as reality often shows, this is easier said than done. Employees’ comfort and workplace safety have always been crucial for companies in the industrial sector, not just in pandemic times. Strict adherence to health and safety procedures in the manufacturing facility is necessary to avoid accidents and maintain production continuity. Equally important is the reputation of the company and the alignment of processes with current legislation.

One of the difficulties security chiefs face is counting people. Access to data on how many people are in a facility makes it easier to respond to threats, evacuate, or follow social distance guidelines. It would be fantastic to be able to view data in real-time and with the utmost accuracy. Again, this is easier said than done to count employees, vendors, visitors, and other people who show up at the office and industrial hall on a daily basis. Available systems, such as gates or access cards, can sometimes be inaccurate or crash. Their effectiveness also depends mostly on the human factor: whether or not everyone remembered to pick up their card, whether or not someone missed the gate. Many managers struggle with these issues.

How to improve safety in manufacturing facilities?

With People Counter, you can precisely and automatically count the number of employees and visitors in a building, on a particular floor, or in a specific room, which will enable efficient evacuation in the case of an equipment failure or fire alarm. The solution also makes it easier to manage access and meet the social distance requirements, which is essential in pandemics. On the one hand, People Counter makes it possible to determine the number of people, and on the other hand, it proves that due care has been taken to ensure the safety of factory employees. It is possible by using modern technologies: the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Do you want to increase safety in a manufactory facility?

Key benefits of using IoT technology in a smart factory:

  • Automatic counting of factory workers,
  • Monitoring occupancy of common areas,
  • Following social distance guidelines,
  • Identifying space limitations and floor plan issues,
  • Counting employees passing through a measuring point during an evacuation.

Find out how RapidLab People Counter works

Purchasers of an automatic people counting solution take a proactive approach, help facility managers track traffic in a building. Data collected with RapidLab People Counter may help to minimize risk or optimize transitions between stations and machines. State-of-the-art technology to increase security.

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