Internet of Things in 2020 – conferences and webinars online

Those days are gone for good. The number of devices connected to the Internet is constantly growing. Today, IoT is one of the main driving forces behind the digital transformation of businesses.

6th April 2020

Internet of Things

The difficult reality we have to face requires us to adapt to new conditions, change the organization of work, and the ways of communication in project teams. Many companies have switched to a total or partial remote working model. Business meetings have moved to the Internet. It’s no different from conferences, trainings, and industry seminars. Due to the existing threat, some of them have been postponed to later dates, although there are tech companies that, in response to the current situation, have moved their events to the web. In the following article, I present selected conferences, trainings, and seminars, whose topics are focused on issues related to the development of the Internet of Things.

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IoT in Action webinar series

The Microsoft webinar series on the Azure platform doesn’t need to be introduced to IoT enthusiasts. Surely, you’re also familiar with the capabilities of the Azure IoT Hub, which simplifies the development of scalable solutions for monitoring resources in healthcare or managing industrial machinery used in production. Microsoft experts have prepared a series of webinars, in which they present the ways of using the Internet of Things in different industries and prove that the spectrum of IoT applications in business is practically unlimited. During 25-35 minutes of webinars, you will learn about case studies from selected sectors of the economy and technical issues concerning the implementation of IoT solutions. Particularly interesting are seminars on creating a smart city plan using Azure IoT, using the Internet of Things in healthcare and IoT for remote devices on the example of shipping and mining industries.

IoT Fuse Live Stream

IoT Fuse is an initiative created in 2014 that connects creators with managers, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to use the economic potential of the Internet of Things. In 2015-2018, a group of engineers, programmers, and enthusiasts of the latest technologies decided to fill the gap in the market and gather a community interested in the exchange of knowledge and know-how in the wireless communication between people, devices and machines. The Minneapolis-based non-profit organization was founded to create a network of industry leaders, designers, and innovators that would share information to develop the economy. The need for expert knowledge, reliable analysis, technological innovations, and research on the social and environmental impact of IoT was overwhelming, so IoT Fuse organizes an annual conference, hackathons, and monthly meetings in interdisciplinary teams. The next virtual conference is scheduled for 14-16 April 2020. Sign up for live streaming.

STMicroelectronics technical seminars

If you’re interested in the latest technological solutions, you probably know the French-Italian company STMicroelectronics, which produces electronic circuits. ST gives you the opportunity to participate in hourly webinars. Want to learn about the key features of the new STM32WB wireless microcontroller and the STM32Cube ecosystem, which includes all the tools you need to easily create Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth Mesh applications? Are you interested in the capabilities of the STM32MP1 microprocessor? Security of devices, protection of customers’ personal data, and protection of internal software against external attacks are your priorities? Check the calendar of free webinars held by STMicroelectronics.

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