Electronica 2018 – highlights

The latest solutions in automotive, industrial electronics, telecommunications, and e-mobility were presented during the event. Read our conference summary.

20th March 2019

Mateusz Majchrzycki, IoT Team Leader

Mateusz Majchrzycki

IoT Team Leader

Electrica 2018

Last week our representation visited the electronica 2018 exhibition in Munich. It is the leading international fair and conference for electronic components industry with 3100 exhibitors from 50 countries and over 8000 visitors attending!

What happens at electronica…

Electronica is the best place to check out what is happening in the electronic component industry and to gain valuable business contacts for future cooperation.
During the stay, we had a pleasure to explore state-of-the-art, interesting technologies. Lot of them probably will be soon available for the broader audience.

hyperloop electronica 2018

Technologies at electronica

These are some examples of solutions that we saw at this event:
– super-fast industrial robots powered by the latest innovations in the motor control industries,
– highly accurate sensors for almost all physical values,
– highest-performance MCUs and CPUs for Machine Learning, AI as well as for low power IoT devices.
We had also a closer look to boots of enclosures to be sure what to choose for the next projects.

Besides looking for new components, we had a few interesting talks with engineers from many different companies. They told us a few secrets that will be announced soon :).
Betweenwhiles, we had also an opportunity to visit Munich old town which is ready for Christmas! It’s really impressive and let us to already feel the Christmas spirit.

Would you like to test your idea?

Scale of the event

Visiting the electronica is a big challenge. We’ve walked a dozen kilometers, drink liters of coffee (thank you Mouser!) and still haven’t visited every single booth. Hope to come back in 2020 for the next event from this series!

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