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Ad Glimpse Pro

Because every glance counts


How to measure the real impact of public displays in public spaces?

Investing in eye-grabbing public displays is only half the battle.

How many people saw the ad? How long did they watch it for? When was it?

Introducing you to a next-generation device that innovatively analyzes the ad viewing and promoted content engagement in public spaces.

True Engagement Recognition

Offline & Real-time Insights

Gain actionable insights instantly on a mobile device or opt for centralized cloud storage.

No video storage. No cloud-streaming.

True Engagement Recognition

With our AI-driven module, only genuine views count. No more guessing.

Offline & Real-time Insights

Utmost Privacy

No video storage.
No cloud-streaming.

Ad Glimpse analyzes
passersby’s facial movements

When a customer stops to look at an ad or a product, our solution analyzes their facial movements. We recognize whether and how long they are actually engaged. The information collected can be sent to the cloud for a more in-depth analysis and then presented online or on a mobile application.

AdGlimpse analyzes the facial movements of passersby

In a Class of Its Own

Ad Glimpse is second to none. Embrace the next generation, state-of-the-art ad tech that unites precision with privacy.